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Bobux Soft Sole Leatherfinches Fox Toffee

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The Bobux crawling shoes "Foxy Toffee" with a funny fox, non-slip and colorful printed suede sole, are the perfect birth gift!

What's special about the Bobux leather finches is that the lovely animals look at the child with their faces when they are carrying the finches. The leather applications that you can see and touch stimulate the little ones' sense of touch. Made from high quality leather and suede for softness and breathability, the crawling shoes are easy to put on and ensure safety with a non-slip sole.

Unique to Bobux crawling shoes: The shoes are designed so that right and left can be clearly distinguished. On this model, the leather finches are properly dressed when the Bobux lettering faces outwards. The neutral, versatile colors can be combined in many ways and the little feet develop healthily in soft, breathable leather.

Bobux are extra comfortable:

  • hidden inner seam
  • ergonomically adapted to the shape of the ankle
  • with a tab on the heel that makes it easier to put on and take off like a shoehorn
  • the shoes stay on your feet and don't fall off

The leather finches are designed to allow you to walk as if you were barefoot. They are easy to put on, hold well on the foot and support natural movements such as bending, spreading, gripping, getting stronger and growing, just as nature intended. They nestle gently on little feet and provide security, warmth and traction like a second skin.